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November 11, 2022

Guild’s Career Mobility Framework: Having Impact Through Action with Matthew J. Daniel (Principal, Talent Strategy & Mobility | Guild)

How are you creating career opportunity for today’s frontline workforce – your biggest untapped pool of talent? The people that want to grow with your business, expand their own educational bandwidth and unlock economic mobility in the process? In this compelling talk from Matthew J. Daniel, Principal for Guild’s Talent Strategy and Mobility, he presents an introduction to Guild’s Career Mobility Framework that today’s employers can leverage to build their own cultures of opportunity. He also shares personal stories that cemented his belief in the value of creating career advancement opportunities for all employees, not just the few.  

Having spent the previous 16 years of his career deciding which learners were granted access to which programs and catalogs based off of budget constraints, he understood how much untapped talent had been left behind. It became clear that those choices were reinforcing a systemic bias that existed for those who had consistently been underprivileged and underserved. The problem wasn’t a lack of talent or capability. Rather, it was access to equitable opportunities to grow. After looking at data across rural, urban, and suburban adult worker populations, he began to recognize the systemic impact that education, skilling and career pathways could bring.  

Daniel has committed his time at Guild to helping develop Guild’s career mobility framework. The framework presented isn’t just “a way of thinking”. It is layered with insights around career mobility benefits for people and business outcomes as well as high impact actions that organizations can take today to make near-term change.

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