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December 9, 2022

Guild Partners: A Phenomenal Mission – with David Mafe (Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President, Human Resources, UCHealth)

Over the last few years, we have been confronted with constant reminders of the critical importance of healthcare, and the people who, across every role, not only comprise the healthcare workforce, but uphold its mission. For them, the past few years have been especially hard.

For equity-minded leaders in healthcare, supporting workforce restoration and re-engagement stems from aligning actions with identity — finding the right ways to meaningfully improve the lives of a workforce that identifies with making the lives of others better.  David Mafe, Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President of Human Resources at UCHealth, shares how their investments in accessible career pathways and tuition-free education are improving employee lives through learning, healing, and discovery.

UCHealth is committed to making meaningful investments in employee equity. “There’s no better way to demonstrate your employer value proposition,” he says, “or to show that you’re really serious about supporting folks and serious about creating pathways.”


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