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November 11, 2022

Highlights from the Guild Opportunity Summit

Guild brought together HR executives, learning innovators and industry thought leaders for the Guild Opportunity Summit to tackle today’s toughest workforce challenges. While many attendees entered the conference expecting to gain strategies to drive attraction and retention, or how to optimize education benefits, they left with something even greater – community, inspiration and innovations for the years ahead. 

Some of the event’s most impactful insights: 

  • Employees today don’t want to quit and leave their current companies. Although two-thirds of workers are looking for a new job, more than half hope it’s with their current company(1)
  • After surveying over 1,000 global organizations and 94 leading L&D practices, The Josh Bersin Company found that creating extensive opportunities for career growth was the singular most impactful practice for driving business, innovation and talent outcomes(2).
  • Panelists throughout the event agreed that instilling a cultural mindset shift about the value of investing in the untapped potential of frontline workers was critical. 

Explore some additional speaker sessions from the event: 


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