Precalculus –Online Program

Offered by: StraighterLine

College credits: 3

Course length: 8 Weeks



Precalculus begins with a review of algebraic operations. Emphasis is on solving and graphing equations that involve linear, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Students learn to graph trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions and learn to use the family of trigonometric identities. Other topics include conic sections, arithmetic and geometric sequences, and systems of equations.

  • Perform operations on real numbers and polynomials.
  • Simplify algebraic, rational, and radical expressions.
  • Solve linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.
  • Solve word problems involving linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.
  • Solve polynomial, rational, and radical equations and applications.
  • Solve and graph linear, quadratic, absolute value, and piecewise-defined functions.
  • Perform operations with functions as well as find composition and inverse functions.
  • Graph quadratic, the square root, cubic, and cube root functions.
  • Graph and find zeroes of polynomial functions.
  • Graph quadratic functions by completing the square, using the vertex formula, and using transformations.
  • Solve and graph exponential and logarithmic equations.
  • Express angle measure in degrees or radians.
  • Evaluate and simplify trigonometric expressions.
  • Know the six trigonometric functions and how to evaluate those trigonometric functions using positions on the unit circle with respect to the right triangle.
  • Graph trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Use trigonometric functions to solve a right triangle and apply the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines to solve triangles that are acute or obtuse.
  • Solve systems of linear equations and inequalities.
  • Model and solve applications using linear systems.
  • Evaluate and find partial sums of a series.
  • Evaluate and find sums of an arithmetic sequence and a geometric sequence.
  • Solve application problems involving arithmetic and geometric sequences and series.
  • Define, identify, and graph conic sections including circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola.

Cost and Schedule

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StraighterLine?
StraighterLine is an educational provider that offers online higher education courses that are equivalent to general courses required for bachelor’s degrees. Their courses have been evaluated by American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) and have been recommended for college credit. They have partnerships with a number of accredited colleges and universities.

What is the application process like?
Your advisor will be in contact throughout the process to help you complete the application, as well as answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, here is a general outline of what to expect:
  1. Apply to this offering.
  2. Complete the SmarterMeasure assessment related to your online learning style.
  3. In certain cases, you will need to submit your unofficial transcripts to Guild.

What does a self-paced course mean?
You can take a course 100% online at your own speed, in the comfort of your own home. You can take the course exam whenever you are ready. If you dedicate 17 to 20 hours per week to a course, this should allow you to finish a course within a single month. 

Tell me more about Guild Education.
Guild Education partners with employers to offer a variety of online classes, programs, and degrees from top-ranked universities that you can complete while working.

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To give employees a variety of options, Guild partners with a consortium of universities and learning providers, including Brandman University, Western Governors University, Bellevue University, and StraighterLine, in addition to offering custom content. 

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What are Guild's guiding principles?
  • Students first: We're here to help you, and you come first in our world. In exchange, we expect you give your all and to support your fellow classmates.
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