Master of Public Administration –Online Program

Offered by: Bellevue University

College credits: 36

Course length: 12 Weeks



The Master's in Public Administration offers not only a foundational education, but also immediately applicable learning for professionals who want to advance their careers in government, nonprofits, foundations, or public office, for example.

This accelerated online MPA degree takes an in-depth look at economic, social, and cultural impacts on organizations and the challenges facing them. You will learn to become an outstanding communicator, to build partnerships within and outside of organizations, and to inspire movement towards shared goals and engagement in communities. You will gain practical experience in strategic planning, funding efforts, assessing human and financial resources, and their impacts on organizations.

Integrating hands-on, applied learning with theory, all Bellevue University degrees are designed to deliver a transformative student learning experience that is flexible to accommodate your personal and work life.

The Bellevue University Master of Public Administration allows you to take advantage of your peers’ expertise and experience, and build relationships with working professionals. You will design 4 applied projects, investigating areas of personal interest and professional relevance around 1) grant writing for a real organizational need; 2) written assessment of real policy and strategic issues; 3) strategic planning for a funding goal; and 4) developing a training module addressing an actual organizational goal.

Students who complete the Master of Public Administration program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of public administration management through application-based activities.
  • Analyze the dynamic nature of organizational and interpersonal communication expected of leaders in public sector organizations, and based on the results of their analysis make and nurture recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate political process constraints associated with public sector finance and budgeting processing, and to identify, structure, propose, and champion ways to mitigate these.
  • Analyze various leadership styles needed to operate within legal and ethical constraints of public organizations. Upon analysis, reflection, and consultation of stakeholders, they will be able to apply the best selected leadership style to a complex leadership-requiring situational context.
  • Apply research methods to organizational environments as understand the decision making process necessary for leaders in the public environment.
  • Integrate into organizational-based decision-making processes associated with the strategic planning approach that would position public sector organizations to remain viable and grow in efficiency, effectiveness and overall importance.


You will take courses such as:
  •   MPA 600 Foundation in Public Administration (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 605 Communications in the Public Sector (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 615 Public Administration Term 1 Project (1 Credits)
  •   MPA 620 Organizational Modeling & Decision Theories (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 625 Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 635 Public Administration Term 2 Project (1 Credits)
  •   MPA 640 Strategic Planning and Policy Development (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 645 Finance for the Public Administrator (4 Credits)
  •   MPA 655 Public Administration Term 3 Project (1 Credits)
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Cost and Schedule

Guild provides reduced cost education for working adults. We’ll help you have an affordable path to move your education forward.


With financial aid, Guild students may be eligible to pay a fraction of the published cost to advance their education. 

Guild students may pay as little as 10% of the published course or program cost to earn bachelor's or master's degrees when taking advantage of:
  • Tuition assistance benefits from your employer.
  • The American Opportunity Tax Credit - up to $2,500
  • The Lifelong Learning Credit - up to $2,000 
  • Guild's tuition discount, and no out-of-state tuition costs.
Active Military or Veteran? If so, talk to our accredited partners about your eligibility for additional tuition benefits.


Bellevue University’s master degree programs can help you complete your degree in as little as 18 months.

Guild works with Bellevue to offer programs for working adults, allowing you to:
  • Enroll in one or more classes at a time, starting every 12 weeks.
  • Gain knowledge and skills that are career-relevant and can be applied tomorrow.
  • Take your classes online, with flexibility to balance work and school.
  • Join a group cohort and learn from the shared real-world experiences of your classmates.
  • Take courses that are career-relevant and can be applied tomorrow.
  • Choose a concentration that applies to your career aspirations.
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The Lifelong Learning Credit (up to $2000) and the American Opportunity Tax Credit* (up to $2500) are both available annually to eligible U.S. students.

Guild negotiates reduced tuition with partner colleges and programs, giving you affordable options from the start.

​Guild works with your employer to offer corporate tuition assistance to qualified employees.

Guild is committed to reduce the cost of higher education for hard-working adults. We'll help make an affordable path to move your education forward.​

* The American Opportunity Tax Credit is only available for eligible students in undergrad or master's degree programs. All other funding categories are available for all eligible students. Please check with your individual employer to verify your eligibility.

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"My General Manager says that he's seen a lot of development and changes in how I manage... I would recommend this 10/10 to anyone."


Shania | Service Manager | Chipotle

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Fife, Washington

"I want to graduate with a Bachelor's in Special Education before my oldest daughter graduates high school in 2020! My kids are my support and they think that mom going back to school is amazing!"


Chavonne | Paraprofessional | Denver Public Schools

B.A. in Special Education (K-12) at Western Governors University

Denver, Colorado

"Guild’s programs and services are practical and transformative. I am very thankful for Guild's on-going support and advice."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Bellevue University:
Founded in 1966, Bellevue University is a private, non-profit, regionally accredited institution with a beautiful 46-acre main campus in Bellevue, Nebraska. Both online and in-campus, Bellevue University has graduated over 48,000 students and serves nearly 10,000 students annually at a total of 15 campus locations in four states—and everywhere online.

What is the application process like?
Your advisor will be in contact throughout the application process to help you complete the application as well as answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, here is a general outline of what to expect for most offerings:
  1. Apply to this offering
  2. Complete the SmarterMeasure assessment related to your online learning style
  3. Send Guild your unofficial transcripts
  4. Submit your official transcripts to Bellevue
  5. Apply for financial aid 

When can I start? 
Speak with a Guild admissions advisor about upcoming start dates. 

Who attends Bellevue University?
Bellevue University attracts a broad base of students, creating a diversity that deepens the student experience and perspective.  Undergraduate and graduate populations are made up of roughly half men and women, with ages ranging from 18 to 65 with many students falling into the 25 to 34 year-old age range. Students online represent all 50 states and the District of Columbia. International students from countries across at least seven regions of the globe attend the university either on campus or online. Between 1,000 to 2,000 military service members per year enroll in Bellevue University programs.

Here are the top ten reasons to pursue your educational goals at Bellevue University:
  • Flexible - Whether you prefer to study online or in-class, during the day or at night, earning a degree can fit into your busy life. Our faculty and student coach/advisors will work closely with you to help manage your real life challenges.
  • Non-Profit - Bellevue University is a private, non-profit institution founded nearly 50 years ago. We are deeply committed to our mission of making higher education accessible so that regardless of circumstances, more people can achieve their hopes and dreams.
  • Accredited - Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through the U.S. Department of Education. Accreditation provides assurance that we are committed to standards of excellence, core values, and to working for the common good of society.
  • Affordable - The combination of our generous credit transfers, reasonable tuition, and minimal fees make Bellevue University an affordable choice.
  • Accelerated - Transferring your existing credits and selecting the program that's right for you eliminates unnecessary classes and helps ensure you can earn your degree as quickly as possible.
  • Real World-Focused - Our degrees are designed to help you learn and apply real world professional knowledge, and master the essential skills employers seek. Choose from more than 70 degrees in fields that offer potential for job growth.
  • Online - Online learning at Bellevue University is designed to be engaging, to help you become a confident professional through extensive faculty and peer-to-peer interaction.
  • Supportive - Our dedicated team of faculty and staff will help you get on the path that's right for you and stay with you every step of the way as you earn your degree and achieve your goals.
  • Military Friendly - Helping active duty military and veterans earn their degree has been core to our mission since our founding in 1966. With specific programs and support, such as our Military Veterans Service Center, we are ranked among the best in the nation for military students.

What does it mean that my degree is offered in partnership with Bellevue University and Guild Education?
Here at Guild, we strive to offer excellent education that is flexible and affordably priced. We partner with universities and institutions that do the same. With this partnership, you will enroll as a Bellevue University student, with the support of a Guild coach, as you navigate balancing work and school in pursuit of your degree.

Is Bellevue Accredited?
Bellevue University is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Why should I attend Bellevue?
At Bellevue University we are dedicated to helping ensure every hour of your time and every dollar is well spent, so that you can earn your degree quickly and efficiently.

How long is a Bellevue University class?
Bellevue’s classes range from 6 to 12 weeks long and students can take single classes at some points, allowing them to focus on one subject at a time while balancing work and school.

Tell me more about Guild Education.
Guild Education partners with employers to offer a variety of online classes, programs, and degrees from top-ranked universities that you can complete while working.

You will get support from a Guild advisor, who will help you find the right program, navigate the financial aid process, and provide you with personal college and career advising to help you navigate the college process from day one to graduation.

To give employees a variety of options, Guild partners with a consortium of universities and learning providers, including Brandman University, Western Governors University, Bellevue University, and StraighterLine, in addition to offering custom content. 

Benefits of partnering with Guild include:
  • A path to finish your degree or take graduate courses, at little to no cost
  • A personal college and career adviser to help you navigate programs and offerings
  • Online classes that allow you to work at your own pace
  • Relevant classes and programs designed to help you advance in your career
  • Credit recognition for past college credits and corporate credits towards your degrees

What are Guild's guiding principles?
  • Students first: We're here to help you, and you come first in our world. In exchange, we expect you give your all and to support your fellow classmates.
  • We learn best by doing: Experimentation, learning by doing, feedback and reflection lay at the core of every learning experience with Guild.
  • Feedback makes us better, in fact, it’s a gift: Practice only makes perfect when we get feedback on how to improve.
  • Reflection is a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have: Reflection allows us to digest the learnings and feedback we’ve received.
  • Community matters: We’re all in this together and we expect all Guild members to appreciate the role we play in each other’s learning experience.