Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organization Studies –Online Program

Offered by: University of Denver

College credits: 45-180 credit hours

Course length: 10 Weeks



With more than 20% of all undergraduate degrees in the United States being business-related, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself to compete in the global job market. A bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Organization Studies draws on several diverse subjects such as management, economics, sociology, and psychology to help you learn how to function creatively and effectively in all types of organizations including business, government, and non-for-profit. 

The critical learning outcomes of a leadership degree are similar to a traditional undergraduate business major, however it offers much more, including civic engagement opportunities, training and development techniques, organizational behavior knowledge, and key communication skills. A leadership degree prepares graduates to analyze and change organizational structures, as well as gain perspective on the roles of effective leaders and followers within business. Degree-seekers can take their education to the next level by combining essential business skills with leadership, project management, and communication techniques—a diverse portfolio of knowledge that will help you succeed as a leader in the business world.

Students in the Bachelor of Arts Completion Program have the opportunity to learn by doing at University College, through applied classes that are career-relevant and focus on the experience you bring to the classroom. Classes teach students how to function on high performance teams, manage diversity, and resolve oversight. Apply what you know to an integrative project based in an organizational setting of your choice, and leave the bachelor’s completion program with an improved understanding of organizations, business, and leadership.

Students who major in leadership will be well prepared to apply for the Leadership and Organizations master's program offered by University College.


You will take courses such as:
  • LOS 3050 - Financial Management
  • LOS 3100 - Entrepreneurship
  • LOS 3150 - Working in Groups and Teams
  • LOS 3200 - Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • LOS 3250 - Learning in Organizations
  • LOS 3300 - Project Management
  • BACP 3350 - Directed Research
  • BACP 3400 - Civic Engagement
  • BACP 3450 - Integrative Project Design
  • BACP 3500 - Integrative Project
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Cost and Schedule

Guild provides reduced cost education for working adults. We’ll help you have an affordable path to move your education forward.


With financial aid, Guild students may be eligible to pay a fraction of the published cost to advance their education.

Guild students may pay as little as 10% of the published course or program cost to earn their bachelor's degree when taking advantage of:
  • Federal Pell Grants, with up to $5,920 per year in grant aid
  • Tuition assistance benefits from your employer
  • The $2,500 American Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Guild's tuition discount, and no out-of-state tuition costs
If you are an Active Duty Servicemember or Veteran, talk to our accredited partners about your eligibility for additional tuition benefits.


  • University of Denver courses are offered on a quarter system, with individual 10-week terms
  • Enroll in one or two classes at a time, starting every 10 weeks.
  • Take your classes entirely online, with flexibility to balance work, school, family, and personal life.
  • Gain knowledge and skills that are career-relevant and can be applied tomorrow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend the University of Denver?
Highly flexible and affordable, a University of Denver education through University College provides career-focused content that can be immediately applied on the job. 
Founded in 1864—before Colorado was a state—the University of Denver is a top 100 university, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. At University College, courses are offered 100% online. The Bachelor of Arts Completion Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy adults who wish to finish their undergraduate degree, and we deliver a transformative experience with support provided every step of the way. 

What is University College?
The college of professional and continuing studies at the University of Denver (DU), University College is one of 11 colleges at DU, such as the college of business or college of law. University College is the largest graduate school at the University of Denver. All of the colleges and programs at the University of Denver hold the highest level of regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. As a leader in adult education, we are always striving to expand opportunities for adult learners.

What is the application process like?
Your advisor will be in contact throughout the application process to help you complete the application as well as answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, here is a general outline of what to expect for most offerings:
  1. Apply to this offering
  2. Complete the SmarterMeasure assessment related to your online learning style
  3. Send Guild your unofficial transcripts
  4. Submit your official application and transcripts to the University of Denver
  5. Apply for financial aid 

What does it mean that my degree is offered in partnership with the University of Denver and Guild Education?
Here at Guild, we strive to offer excellent education that is flexible and affordably priced. We partner with universities and institutions that do the same. With this partnership, you will enroll as a University of Denver student, with the support of a Guild coach, as you navigate balancing work and school in pursuit of your degree. 

Tell me more about Guild Education.
Guild Education partners with employers to offer a variety of online classes, programs, and degrees from top-ranked universities that you can complete while working.

You will get support from a Guild advisor, who will help you find the right program, navigate the financial aid process, and provide you with personal college and career advising to help you navigate the college process from day one to graduation.

To give employees a variety of options, Guild partners with a consortium of universities and learning providers, including Brandman University, Western Governors University, Bellevue University, and StraighterLine, in addition to offering custom content. 

Benefits of partnering with Guild include:
  • A path to finish your degree or take graduate courses, at little to no cost
  • A personal college and career adviser to help you navigate programs and offerings
  • Online classes that allow you to work at your own pace
  • Relevant classes and programs designed to help you advance in your career
  • Credit recognition for past college credits and corporate credits towards your degrees

What are Guild's guiding principles?
  • Students first: We're here to help you, and you come first in our world. In exchange, we expect you give your all and to support your fellow classmates.
  • We learn best by doing: Experimentation, learning by doing, feedback and reflection lay at the core of every learning experience with Guild.
  • Feedback makes us better, in fact, it’s a gift: Practice only makes perfect when we get feedback on how to improve.
  • Reflection is a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have: Reflection allows us to digest the learnings and feedback we’ve received.
  • Community matters: We’re all in this together and we expect all Guild members to appreciate the role we play in each other’s learning experience.