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DPS has scholarship opportunities for you.

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Scholarships to finish your college degree.
Opportunities to become a teacher.

Denver Public Schools is committed to providing opportunities for paraprofessionals to grow their career and become classroom teachers. That is why they are offering full scholarship opportunities, so that you can finish your college degree while continuing to work daily with kids. Denver Public Schools has partnered with Guild Education and Western Governors University, the non-profit, fully accredited college ranked #1 by the NCTQ, to support you from application to graduation.

Funding for scholarships is limited, so get started TODAY!

"I love my job as a para, but I can make a greater impact if I get my degree and go into teaching."

Brandy | Paraprofessional | Denver Public Schools
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) at Western Governors University

Denver Public Schools Highlighted Programs

Guild Education has a variety of classes, programs and degrees. The ones listed below are suggested for the employees of Denver Public Schools.

Interested in applying? Get started today!

Interested in applying? Get started today!

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete the ‘Request Information’ form above. 

There are three parts to the Denver Public Schools application process. Get started today!

1. Submit the Denver Public Schools Scholarship Application:
  • Submit your scholarship application by clicking either the "Start Your Scholarship Application" button on the top of this page or the "Apply Now" button on any degree of interest.
  • Principal Endorsement: Ask your principal (or school leader) to complete the Principal Endorsement Form on your behalf. (Assistant principals and deans are also accepted).
  • Application Essay: “How have your background and life experiences prepared you to teach in a culturally and linguistically diverse school district like Denver Public Schools. Please use specific examples and limit your response to 400 words.”
  • Make sure to use the Denver Public Schools code to waive your application fee—your Guild admissions advisor will provide you this code upon successful completion of the Scholarship Application. 
  • Once you apply, you’ll work with Western Governors University to complete your FAFSA, take a college readiness assessment, and submit all transcripts from prior college/university courses.
3. Sign the Scholarship Agreement:
  • Once you have been accepted to Western Governors University, you will be required to complete and sign a Scholarship Agreement Form. 

"I want to graduate with a Bachelor's in Special Education before my oldest daughter graduates high school in 2020! My kids are my support and they think that mom going back to school is amazing!"


Chavonne | Paraprofessional | Denver Public Schools

B.A. in Special Education (K-12) at Western Governors University

Denver, Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Guild Education. 
Guild Education is bridging the gap between education and employment to help working adults navigate the worlds of work and college. Their platform enables employers to design tuition reimbursement policies that align business goals, like talent development, and retention, with affordable education programs that employees love. Guild’s network of nonprofit universities and learning providers offer a consortium of classes, programs, and college degrees. 

How do I apply?
There are three parts to the admissions process: scholarship application, university application, and the scholarship agreement. The university application process can take up to three weeks to process financial aid and previous transcripts. Scholarship funding is limited so we recommend you begin the application process as soon as possible. 

How much will this cost me? 
Denver Public Schools is committed to supporting you as you head back to school. Because of that commitment, you will likely be eligible for scholarship funding that will cover the full cost of the program! You will be required to apply for federal financial aid via the FAFSA process and utilize Americorps funding. Funding is limited so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible! 

Can I still work while going to school?
Absolutely. Western Governors University’s degree programs are built with working adults in mind. Because of the program’s competency-based approach, you can complete your work on your own time. You should expect to work around 20 hours a week on school to remain on track to complete your competencies each term. Denver Public Schools requires that you maintain either full-time or part-time status in a student-facing role through completion of the program. 

Can I nominate someone? Can I nominate myself?
Absolutely, we support and encourage nominations of Denver Public Schools employees who you believe deserve scholarship opportunities to complete their degree and pursue a career path as a Denver Public Schools teacher.  Click here to nominate great candidates. To nominate yourself, complete the interest form above or call Guild today at 720-709-1751.

How does my principal or school leader endorse my scholarship application? 
Each applicant is required to get the endorsement of a principal or school leader (assistant principals and deans are accepted as well) as part of the scholarship application process. It's a short online form found here that can be completed online.

What does the financial aid process look like?
You will first need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your student aid eligibility based on your personal and family situation. Please note: if you are a first-time user, you will be required to create an FSA ID and will enter your name, date of birth, Social Security number, contact information, and challenge questions and answers. When you are completing your FAFSA, note that Western Governors University’s school code is 033394. Once Western Governors University receives your FAFSA, you will complete Western Governors University's financial aid application. You will find this in your Western Governors University student portal. To learn more, visit the Western Governors University financial aid application.

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