SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania's Training and Education Fund has partnered with Guild Education and their university partners to make going back to school while working even easier. Learn more about your college options today!
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Tuition assistance to advance your education.

The SEIU HCPA Training and Education Fund is helping members like you move your education forward while working full-time. In addition to offering custom content, Guild partners with non-profit, fully accredited universities and learning providers, including Brandman University, Colorado State University’s Global Campus, Western Governors University, Bellevue University, and StraighterLine to offer flexible and affordable educational opportunities. 

As part of the SEIU education fund, you’ll have access of up to $5,000 and up to $5,920 per year in federal financial aid to help you start or complete your degree. 

Program Benefits

A variety of classes, programs, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees in addition to GED, ESL, and college preparatory courses to meet your goals—no matter where you are in your educational path.
Personal advisor
A Guild advisor to help you find the right class, program or degree, navigate financial aid, and move forward in your education while advancing your career.
Online learning
Flexible academic schedules with morning, evening, and weekend classes and work-at-your-own pace programs to help you balance work and school.
Classes from top-ranked* online universities including Brandman University, University of Denver, Western Governors University, and Bellevue University.

* U.S. News and World Report, NCTQ

Service Employees International Union, Pennsylvania Highlighted ProgramsGuild Education has a variety of classes, programs and degrees. The ones listed below are suggested for the employees of Service Employees International Union, Pennsylvania.

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  • Talk to one of our education coaches today to figure out what is right for you
    • You can either call us at 720-789-7577 or click on the "chat" icon in the bottom right corner. You’ll be connected with an admissions expert who will have a personalized discussion with you on what class, program, or degree might be right for you. They’ll walk you through everything from completing the application and financial aid process all the way through your official enrollment date.

"Guild’s programs and services are practical and transformative. I am very thankful for Guild's on-going support and advice."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?
To be eligible to receive the Tuition Assistance, a member must:

1. Be employed by a facility that is a contributing employer in the Fund.
2. Have been employed at a minimum of 15 hours per week for 1 continuous year prior to the application deadline.
3. Maintain a work schedule of at least 15 hours per week throughout the course.
4. Receive at least a “C-” or a “Pass” in the course.

If the employee voluntarily leaves employment during the semester for which they have been approved for reimbursement, they will not receive reimbursement. 

What is the maximum benefit I can receive?
After grants are applied, assistance will cover tuition, fees, and 50% of required books and supplies up to a maximum of $2,000 per semester or $5,000 per year, provided there are budgeted funds available.

Effective January 1, 2017: The maximum benefit will be $1,000 for the first term or course in a multi-term or course program, and $2,000 for the following terms up to a maximum of $5,000 for a calendar year.

Do I have to go to school full time?
Absolutely not. Working students juggle multiple responsibilities including work, family, and education. We want you to be successful, so it’s important to continue at a pace that works for you.

Can my application for Tuition Assistance be denied?
Yes. Prior to approving your application, we must verify that you are eligible by checking your employment status and work hours. If there are not enough funds to provide benefits to all qualified applicants, a selection will be made using the following rules to prioritize the awarding of benefits:

1. Returning students enrolled in a multi-semester program related to the health care industry.
2. Returning students enrolled in a multi-semester program in another field.
3. Continuous full-time seniority.
4. Continuous part-time seniority.

What kind of programs are available for me as a SEIU member?
Guild offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral/PhD education programs, in addition to specially-designed, accredited programs. Through our partnerships you can get a degree from top-tier, not-for-profit, online universities. Examples of courses and degrees include: 
  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Health Science 
  • Guild's 16-week Management Bootcamp (articulated for college credit)
  • Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration

What is the deadline to apply for tuition assistance through the Ed Fund?
For online programs or short-term courses that have rolling admission and deadlines, the deadline for application to the Fund for Tuition Assistance is 21 days prior to the start of the course.

Tell me more about Guild Education.
Guild Education partners with employers to offer a variety of online classes, programs, and degrees from top-ranked universities that you can complete while working.

You will get support from a Guild advisor, who will help you find the right program, navigate the financial aid process, and provide you with personal college and career advising to help you navigate the college process from day one to graduation.

To give employees a variety of options, Guild partners with a consortium of universities and learning providers, including Brandman University, Western Governors University, Bellevue University, and StraighterLine, in addition to offering custom content. 

Benefits of partnering with Guild include:
  • A path to finish your degree or take graduate courses, at little to no cost
  • A personal college and career adviser to help you navigate programs and offerings
  • Online classes that allow you to work at your own pace
  • Relevant classes and programs designed to help you advance in your career
  • Credit recognition for past college credits and corporate credits towards your degrees

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