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November 11, 2022

Unlocking Opportunity Together with Guild CEO Rachel Romer

Guild co-founder & CEO, Rachel Romer presents to HR executives, learning innovators and industry thought leaders who gathered to tackle the future of work, career pathways and workforce transformation.

In her talk, she breaks down the shifting employee expectations of today’s frontline workers in the U.S.. Out of 150 million working Americans, 48% don’t have the skills they need to advance in their careers today. Less than one third have the skills of the future needed for jobs 5-10 years out1. Too many American workers lack the skills to survive the future of work which means problems for today’s jobs but a very real crisis for the roles of tomorrow. 

Romer also shared the impact that an investment in career pathways and accessible education benefits can bring to organizations looking to turn this tide.  She also unpacked key insights from Guild’s most research report – the American Worker Survey Report that polled over 1,800 U.S. workers in frontline roles. While two-thirds of U.S. workers would like to move into a new position, more than half of them hope it’s at their same company. Today’s employers need to capitalize on this desire by not only providing competitive pay, but also pathways to career advancement within their company

Romer shares the visceral impact of career growth opportunities in stories of real Guild learners in addition to the data behind the shift in employee expectations. 

1Guild’s American Worker Survey Report. © 2022.

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