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You didn’t just hear us say it.

“This program could open up job opportunities that double my yearly wages… This could change everything for me.”

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See how Guild is shaping education as a benefit

Chandra Worley
Success Story
Find out how Chandra finished her bachelor’s degree with zero-debt while working full-time

Chandra used her education benefits to fulfill a lifetime goal

“Getting a bachelor’s degree was something I always wanted. When I discovered I could go to school online, I realized I could keep working and pay my bills.”

Benefits transformed

Do Right for Your Business by Doing Right by Your People

Learn how Walmart and Guild built a best-in-class benefits program designed to eliminate the barriers that prevent employees from going back to school and graduating.

Academic Retention Rate of Walmart Students
“Our associates wanted access to higher education to improve their lives. What we know is it’s going to help us with retention… and it’s providing skills we need in the future.‘’

-Drew Holler, Senior Vice President of Associate Experience at Walmart
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Case Study

Learn how education benefits can be strategically designed to include everything from high school degrees to custom training programs, and how the right benefits program can ultimately facilitate employee growth and prepare a workforce for the future of work.

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Chipotle general manager smiling in store
Student Story

Alyssa Riegel, a General Manager at Chipotle, is earning a debt-free degree while working full-time. In this video, Alyssa explains how Chipotle’s education benefits program is a key factor when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

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Walmart employee smiling while working towards a debt-free degree.
Student Story

David is a truck driver, husband, and father from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. With the help of his employer’s education benefits program, he’s earning a college degree debt-free.

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Chipotle employee smiling in store
Case Study

Chipotle was struggling with high turnover of its frontline population. Learn how they redesigned their tuition reimbursement program to attract and retain top talent, transforming a legacy benefit into a best-in-class program, and earning a 90% retention rate in the process.

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financial services professionals working on with laptops and graphs
Case Study

Learn how a leading financial services company redesigned and expanded their existing education benefits program to focus on upskilling and retaining their frontline population.

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walmart employee smiling in front of truck
Case Study

Within the last few years, many employers have followed Walmart’s lead by restructuring their education benefits to align with skills gaps and company goals.

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Tracy Hutchens
Student Story

When Walmart associate Tracy Hutchens first learned about Live Better U, she thought there had to be a catch. There wasn’t.

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kelley kurtz
Student Story

When Kelley Kurtz signed up to pursue a carpentry diploma, she never imagined she’d be applying her new skills in such a personal way following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

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“I’m incredibly proud of the Disney Aspire program and nothing would make me happier than if we had 100% of our eligible Cast Members take full advantage of this opportunity to advance their careers and pursue their dreams.”
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