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Programs Designed for Working Adults

Guild’s academic network, which includes certificates, programs, and degrees ranging from high school completion to master’s, has been rigorously vetted to ensure optimal outcomes for working adults. We continuously evaluate additions to our network based on the needs of both our students and employers.

B.S. in Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration
B.S. in Human Resource Management
B.S. in Cyber Security
B.S. in Business Administration
M.S. in Information & Communication Technology
B.S. in Cybersecurity
B.S. in Business Administration
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Affordability, Flexibility and Diversity of Choice

With a goal to maintain maximum flexibility for employers, and maximum support for employees, our integrations with innovative universities mean we can help you build customized degree programs for a diverse employee population and offer end-to-end support along the way.

Unlock the Value of Choice

Where Quality and Affordability Meet

Guild’s curated academic network was vetted on metrics such as cost per credit, admission and graduation rates, career placement data, scalability, and more. With all the right outputs in mind, the result is a broad, high-quality, low-cost network designed for working adults.

High-quality outcomes

Your benefits program should drive impact. Our deep integrations with academic providers have proven outcomes for a diverse workforce, focusing on careers that align to jobs of the future.

Far beyond discounts

Guild makes it possible to offer debt-free degrees while staying within your budget. By starting with low-cost schools and negotiating discounts, you can build a network that delivers a meaningful impact on your corporate strategy, without sacrificing quality.

Fit for working adults

On the journey back to school, every starting line looks different. From language learning and high school completion to master’s degrees, our self-paced programs drive adoption for both frontline and corporate employees.

Curated Program Options

Bachelor’s Degrees
Master’s Degrees
High School Diplomas
Certificate Programs
Language Learning
Associate Degrees
Bachelor’s Degrees

We’ll work with your team to curate a list of degree programs that align with your business needs. Choose from hundreds of programs offered by universities specializing in online and adult learning.

Master’s Degrees

Enable employees to take their skills to the next level with a master’s degree. We’ll help you design a program built to produce the next generation of leaders from within.

High School Diplomas

Earning a diploma is an important milestone for many — but making it past graduation isn’t always easy. Help your employees finish high school by providing them with the support and flexibility that they need.

Certificate Programs

If your workforce requires specialized training that falls outside of traditional degrees, we can help. Whether you’re looking to offer apprenticeships, boot camps, or skilled trades training, we can work with you to create a program that meets your business’s needs.

Language Learning

As the world becomes a smaller, more connected place, having a multilingual workforce can give your business a competitive advantage. Empower your employees with the tools they need to learn a new language on their own time with programs like Rosetta Stone.

Associate Degrees

For many, the flexibility and lower cost of an associate’s degree make it the perfect choice. We’ll help you navigate our wide selection of associate’s degrees to find the programs that best support your business’s (and employee’s) goals.

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Guild has brought together a network of leading companies and innovative nonprofit universities dedicated to advancing the education and career goals of working adults across America. This model provides companies and employees the flexibility they need to select an institution that best serves their learning style vs. a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It also provides universities the opportunity to serve a broader, national group of students.
Gary Brahm Chancellor and CEO, Brandman University
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