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Success by the numbers


Month-over-month increase in applicants


6-month retention rate compared to 56% for non-engaged employees.

Brand Value

Impressions per day on day 1 of Walmart’s “$1 a day” program launch

Cost Savings

Return on investment for every dollar spent on education.

The numbers in action
Learn how Walmart championed debt-free higher education for its 1.6 million frontline workers
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In Their Words
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Education as a benefit is something that our customers and employers – that they want. It’s been really challenging before companies like Guild to actually offer that benefit at scale. So a solution like Guild is using the best of technology to really solve for something that everybody wants, and frankly, organizations need.
Leighanne Levansaler SVP of Corporate Strategy, Workday, and Managing Director & Co-Head of Workday Ventures
second to none

The Guild Difference

Our thoughtfully designed programs support more than 3 million employees at the nation’s largest companies. A variety of unique capabilities and our consulting services ensure your education benefits fit a diverse workforce.

High-quality, low-cost academic network

High graduation rates and strong career placement data form the backbone for Guild’s network of affordable, accessible schools. Leveraging this network positions you to serve more employees, reduce training costs, and demonstrate positive ROI.

Coaching for every employee

Personalized coaching and advising help employees explore educational opportunities to find the right program and see it through to completion. Guild’s coaching is directly linked to better outcomes including increased student engagement, satisfaction, and success.

Direct tuition payment

Make your program more inclusive and accessible by removing the need for students to pay upfront. This process also increases adoption and retention rates among workforce populations that traditionally experience high attrition.

How It Works Guild Difference
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