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Success by the numbers


Month-over-month increase in applicants


6-month retention rate compared to 56% for non-engaged employees.

Brand Value

Impressions per day on day 1 of Walmart’s “$1 a day” program launch

Cost Savings

ROI for every $1 spent on Education Benefits

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Learn how Walmart championed debt-free higher education for its 1.6 million frontline workers
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In Their Words
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Education as a benefit is something that our customers and employers – that they want. It’s been really challenging before companies like Guild to actually offer that benefit at scale. So a solution like Guild is using the best of technology to really solve for something that everybody wants, and frankly, organizations need.
Leighanne Levansaler SVP of Corporate Strategy, Workday, and Managing Director & Co-Head of Workday Ventures
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The Guild Difference

Drive value for your company with a customized program that addresses the needs of your employees, and your business goals.


Each company and each learner need something different. Our academic marketplace and technology platform ensures that we can build the ideal solution for you and all of your employees.


We’re bringing education benefits to the main stage. We work with leaders to ensure that your new program gets the internal and external attention it deserves, with the data and ROI to back it up.


We support over 3 million employees with access to Guild today, and provide a solution for each learner. Our systems are built to support the nation’s largest companies and we’ll do the heavy lifting to ensure the program fits your diverse workforce.

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